It is a function to connect with friends in real life. Shake your phone with them, and you will become ShakeFriends in World of Shakers. For each connection, you will create new ShakeCoins.


It is a digital currency. You can reward your friends for their social activity with ShakeCoins.


They are your friends in the World of Shakers who will see your posts, and you can chat with them.


It is your personal network – World of Shakers, which creates by Shake.

Common Questions

Does your app mine through social networking?

Our app doesn’t mine any coins, and we don’t use phones CPU or GPU. We don’t offer currency for completing tasks, such as downloading other apps, encouraging other users to download, posting to social networks. In our app user doesn't have a social network in general meaning.

All users should build a personal network of ShakeFriends. For each connection with a new user through phone shaking, a user gets 100 ShakeCoins. The processing is performed off a device.

It’s like a game - a user should find another user on the map and to Shake his/her phone with another user if he/she wants to build his/her network and for each connection in his/her network, he/she gets new coins.

What does “shaking” mean?

It means that two or more users should Shake their phones together if they want to become ShakeFriends. We use their geolocation, phone accelerometer and time to connect them.

Do users need to shake the phone for mining?

Users need to Shake their phones to build new connections - to make ShakeFriends. For each new connection user gets new coins.

Do users use cryptocurrency for in-app digital activities?

A user uses ShakeCoins to reward social activity of his/her ShakeFriends. It works like "Likes" - one user creates a post, and another user can reward his/her post with ShakeCoin if they are ShakeFriends.

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